4 Horror Movies You Would Find Interesting To Watch(Photos)

If you are someone that enjoys watching any movie that has to do with horror, then you would find the ones listed below interesting to watch;

1. The Watcher

A young woman was looking forward to starting life with her partner in a new house, but everything was not as she envisioned it to be as she was always having this feeling that makes the hair on the back of her hair stand up, like she is being watched.

She was right, as a youngman was always watching her from his room and following her sometimes.

2. The Exorcism of God

A priest who was called to exorcise a lady, he ended up having carnal knowledge of her as the demon in her seduced him. She got pregnant and the daughter she had 18 years later was also possessed by the demon.

They had to call the priest again to save her, but he could not save her. He had to make a bargain with the demon to set her free.

3. The Passenger

What started out as a simple journey at night, turned into something sinister for a group of strangers sharing a ride on a public transport.

Their driver mistakenly hits a woman who was hiking alone in the dark. They stopped to help her by bringing her into the bus, they will later come to realize it was a grave mistake on their part as the woman was pure evil. They had to fight for their lives.

4. The Black Phone

A 13 years old boy who was reserved, but very smart, got abducted by a killer who kept him in a basement with soundproof. All of his cry for help was futile because of that.

Suddenly, a phone that was disconnected on the wall began to ring on its own volition. The boy could hear the wailings of the other victims the man had killed. They were trying to help him in other for him not to end up like them.

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