Lovely Photos Of Grand P And His Wife, Eudoxie Yao Having Fun Together As Couple

The love story of Grand P and Eudoxie Yao is one of the lovely stories in this world, and it depicts that love no knows age, how handsome or how a person looks like.

Moussa Sandiana Kaba popularly known as Grand P is a Guinean who is a singer, actor and politician. According to various reports, the social media socialite is suffering from a disease called progeria which has seen the singer have difficulties in growing up and giving him a physique that’s uncommon to grown people.

Despite his growth difficulties, Grand P became a popular Guinean, as he used his physicality to his great advantage becoming a popular singer in Guinea and actor. He also tried his hands at politics as it was alleged that the singer announced on his Facebook page that he would be contesting for Guinea President last year.

Also, Grand P is winning in his love life as he is engaged to a beautiful, curvy and plus-size Ivorian model, Eudoxie Yao. The beautiful Eudoxie Yao is an Ivorian lady who is known as the ‘African Kim Kardashian’ and claimed she never had plastic surgery to have her enormous backside. Yao is an entrepreneur, socialite and Influencer.

Photos of them having fun together;

Grand P became more popular after it was revealed he is dating the plus-size Ivorian woman. Many argued if the relationship between Eudoxie Yao and Grand P is true love and not the other way round as they feel the weight and people like Eudoxie Yao is too big for Grand P.

However, despite all the rumours flitting around, Grand P and Eudoxie Yao’s relationship continues to wax strong against all the rumour mongers. They go to the gym, party, dance, go shopping, concert and have good fun together as they live their beautiful lives as a couple.

For real, love is irrespective of size and this amazing couple here are showing it to many people that loves conquers over everything. What a beautiful couple.

One way or the other, everyone would find his or her love when it’s time.

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