Meet The Popular Nollywood Actress Who Is Not On Social Media (See Photos)

Many of us cannot imagine a world without Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. While sharing life moments is arguably an inevitable part of becoming famous, some Nigerian celebrities have decided not to be on social media, saving themselves from the pressure of it all. One of these celebrities is popular Nollywood actress, Chinenye Ubah.

Chinenye Ubah is one of the few Nollywood actress who has maintained a low profile even in this era where social media is the other of the day. Most of her fans and lovers of Nollywood movies having been asking about the social media handles of the actress, Sadly, Unlike her colleagues, actress Chinenye Ubah is not on Facebook, she is not on Instagram, she is not on twitter, she is not on snapchat, she hardly grant interviews, in fact she is one of the Nollywood celebrity that value her privacy so much.

The beautiful actress only has a fan page on Instagram and Facebook which was created by her loyal fans. Most of her photos in this article were gotten from movies and her colleagues who posted her pictures on her birthday, on a movie set or during an occasion.

In this lovely piece, I’ll be bringing to you the biography of this talented and award-winning actress, Chinenye Ubah.

Chinenye Ubah is a popular Nollywood actress, model and television personality. She was born on 29th June, 1989 in Anambra State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She is currently 31st years old. Chinenye Ubah started her acting career as a child actress. In 2017, she rose to fame after starring in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Akweke” an epic romantic movie where she played the role of a beautiful maiden Akweke. Ever since then, she has started in several Nollywood movies.

Chinenye Ubah is very beautiful, skillful, gifted and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles. She is very versatile and can fit into different characters assigned to her by movie producers and directors. Due to her exceptional and outstanding performances in movies he has been described by many as Nollywood Sweetheart. Some of the movies she has acted include; Heart of a Ghost, Sacred Virgins, Akweke, The Ordinary, Unimaginable Act, Pretty Little Thing and many more.

(Photo Credit; Chinenye Ubah fan page)

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