Look 10 Years Younger Than Your Mates With These Tips

NickigistApr 22, 2021 4:30 PM

Everybody wants that extra glow that comes with growth and development. Most people don’t know what it means to age well and be proud with the kind of skin that they have. Having a very nice glowing skin means putting in some personal effort of your own.

Get Foods Packed With Antioxidants

When these kind of foods are consumed, your body is provided with more than enough minerals to help revitalize your skin cells, giving it a natural glow. These foods also help improve the body’s immunity against various forms of germs and diseases.

Drink Water

Nothing better than having to gulp down a beautiful bottle of water, especially after a hot and hectic day. However, drinking water should not be based on condition, it should be based on necessity. Scientists recommended a daily dose of 8 cups of water. It not only improves your body’s metabolic processes, it also makes your skin supple.


Keep fit and watch the glory of your skin radiate in abundance. It doesn’t have to be heart pumping exercise, regular jogs and walks could do the trick

Fruits And Vegetables

Make sure your diet is healthily packed with fruits and vegetables. You also must make sure to ration them because some fruits contain some certain amount of sugar. Taking too much sweet fruits could be a bit harmful. Switch to vegetables and much on those greens with all you’ve got.

Calm Down On The Shampoos And Cleansers

Constantly washing your hair and skin with various kind of shampoos and cleaners is actually bad for you. Too much washing removes the natural oils your skin and hair produce for your nourishment. Take it easy and perform your cleaning rituals only once a week.

Avoid standing and sitting as if you want to bend over. Sit straight, chin up and walk majestically. This posture helps you look very elegant and a lot younger than your age.

Get Good Sleep

When you sleep, calming enzymes are released into the blood stream. Get yourself some good rest and sleep, watch your skin sing to you in glorious shiny tunes.

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