3 simple ways to detect poison in food

BemohcApr 22, 2021 9:47 PM

Poison refers to any harmful substance that is taken into the body knowingly or unknowingly. Poison harm the body attacking and overpowering the Leukocytes (white blood cells).

Poison come in different forms ,they can be liquid, solid or gaseous forms. Poisons when applied to food have the ability to change the taste, colour and aroma of the food,but over the years there has been an introduction of colourless, odourless and tasteless poisonous substances.

This article explain three ways to know if your food has been poisoned 

1.Change of looks:Food naturally have their unique appearances, for instance tomato stew is always red, if you notice any change in the appearance or looks of the food you are being served, there is need to be more inquisitive. 

2.Sour taste or abnormal taste: At anytime a food is tasting abnormally in your mouth especially if it come with a sour or bitter taste, you need to be more careful eating such food. 

3.Too garnished:If you are being serve a food at a regular spot you’ve been eating and you noticed that the food is excessively garnished , such that the quality of the food is not proportional to the amount you pay, that could be a bait, take more time and analyze the situatire eating. 

At any time you suspect you’ve been poisoned please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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